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I'm Teri Murrison and I'm running as a conservative Republican in Ada County's May 2016 primary for retiring Commissioner Yzaguirre's District 2 seat. Welcome, and thanks for coming to my website to learn about the campaign. It's important that our next commissioner does a good job, gets quickly up to speed, and has the leadership skills to build and strengthen relationships: I will, I can, and I do!

 Why am I running?

  • For our future. I'm a wife, mother, and grandmother. I care about what becomes of our community. Between 1990 and 2014 Ada County's population increased by 220,461 people. In the next 25 years, a recent study estimated that an additional 282,000 people will live here - over 60,000 of them outside the cities. Where and how do we grow to integrate new residents without losing the Ada County we love? It won't be easy, but we must plan for economically vibrant, pleasant, and safe communities in which to live, work, and play.
  • It's all about us.  Everybody deserves to be heard and included in decisions. Whether you live inside city limits or in the unincorporated areas, I want to hear from you and make well-informed decisions.
  • Fiscal accountability matters. We trust our leaders to budget wisely and be good stewards of our tax dollars. While the economy has improved and the county is beginning to add back some of the funding that was slashed in the recent economic downturn, as population grows, needs do too.  It's vital to provide quality services as we carefully spend tax dollars.
  • Government needs to work together! The county, with its broad geographical area shared with cities, regional, state, and federal governments, can play a key role in better coordinating services and strengthening relationships. The current Board is on the right track, but the next Board can work even more collaboratively and with greater transparency.

I hope to meet you in person before the primary next May. Please consider volunteering to help and contributing to the campaign. If we work together, we have a great future ahead.


Murrison for Ada County
Benjamin Kelly, Treasurer
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