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Republican. Conservative. A leader who will listen, protect our conservative values and way of life.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting to learn more about what I plan to accomplish when elected. I love Ada County. I want to serve as your next District 2 Commissioner. My allegiance is to all people of Ada County - everyone deserves equal access and a listening ear.

Why am I running?

Our future is at risk. Ada County tends to elect fiscal conservatives, but as it becomes increasingly urban that could change. That's why I need your help.  

In short, I'm running:

  • To listen. Everyone deserves a say in decisions - even those with whom we disagree. I want to hear what's important to you... the issues you care about. County government must be accountable, transparent, and inclusive.
  • To keep county government limited. I'll work hard to keep it that way - tax dollars should be spent wisely on only those services for which the county is responsible. To protect our conservative way of life from social engineering, expensive regulation, and duplicative programs.
  • To create and work toward a shared vision (with the public, the county, cities, and ACHD) for a vibrant economy and safe and livable communities.

I'm running because I want to serve. I'm well-qualified: I've devoted a large part of my personal and professional life to public service. I'm a wife, mother, and grandmother. My husband is an Air Force Vietnam-era veteran. Our son in law is an Army veteran and serves in the Idaho National Guard. Our family and future are invested here.

Why should electing me to the County Commission matter and what does a County Commissioner do? Please take a look at the county's video about the services provided by the Board and other elected officers. The county provides critically important services. Board members must listen, stick to their responsibilities, and work together with the cities, ACHD, the state, and federal governments!

I need your support in any way you can give it: donations, endorsements, walking, talking, and more. Please click on a button at right today. I can't get to the general if I don't get past the primary on May 17th.  I'd appreciate your confidence and your vote. Thank you!

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