Are You Ready? Cedric's Doing It!

Join us for our video and audio podcast Wednesday, December 27th for our conversation on hunger, maggots, goats, and more. Cedric will inspire you. Carpe diem!

Teri's Doing It!
Teri's Doing It! Podcast
Awhile back I woke up and realized that time waits for no one. Every day I have less of it left. So, I’m doing it!, seizing the day so that one day I’ll have no regrets, and telling you about it. I hope the stories my guests and I tell on the Teri's Doing It! podcast (audio and video) will inspire you to do likewise. On the last Wednesday of every month, I release audio and video podcasts about inspirational people of every age who are doing amazing things.
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Teri's Doing It!