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Podcast #2: I Survived Too
Podcast #2: I Survived Too
About that night I didn't get raped or murdered. Listen to the podcast or watch the video.

For those of you who like to listen to your stories: a free podcast and video of my just-posted story, I Survived Too: about that night I wasn't raped or murdered!

But, podcasts, videos, and all but one post a month will soon be for paid subscribers only - so I have a deal for you!

Subscribe at: https://dispatchesfromoutwest.substack.com/d1dd7711 and get 10% off the annual subscription cost of $50 for a whole year's worth of Dispatches newsletters.

For that you get 24 subscriber posts, access to the full archive (with over 70 posts), my periodic perspectives on culture, faith, politics, and whatever else strikes me, and post your comments as a member of the Dispatches community.

If you decide to keep your paid subscription, you'll still get a minimum of one Dispatches post a month, you'll just miss everything else.

Thanks for your faithful readership over the years. And enjoy I Survived Too today, free of charge!


Teri's Ruby Slippers

Teri's Bedtime Stories Podcast

My newsletter takes the yellow brick road out of metaphorical Kansas, heading for somewhere behind the moon and beyond the rain. Anywhere over the rainbow and telling stories about it. But my podcast? It's where I'll read you what I’ve written and more. Remember how it felt to listen to bedtime stories when you were little? I tell you stories that leave you wanting to hear more. Come with me.

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