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Teri Talks to Jan and Tammy De Weerd of Spoken Wines

After successful careers in Idaho agriculture and public service, they're passionate about connecting the vine with people, places,and cultures around the world.

Before becoming storytellers about wines, wine regions, vine-huggers, and the things that make them worth hearing about, Jan De Weerd followed his passion around the world as a scientific evangelist for Idaho potatoes and VP of Global Ag for Lamb Weston. Tammy De Weerd’s passion was her community where she dedicated blood, sweat, tears, and soul to the City of Meridian, serving as Mayor for 16 years. When they retired they exchanged those passions for a new one. They haven’t looked back.

You’ll want to meet these two powerful, dynamic, inspiring people as they talk about what they found after their careers: a shared passion that shaped and continues to shape their lives long after ttheir day jobs were over.

Seize the day, folks. Find your passion and follow it. Do It!

Teri's Doing It!
Teri's Doing It! Podcast
A friend once told me, "Teri, you'll never meet anyone who doesn't know at least one thing you don't." It's true. Teri's Doing It! podcasts feature inspiring people from whom I've learned a lot. I hope the stories they tell do the same for you.
I'm a travel writer and podcaster who has realized that time is finite and I'm getting closer to the end than the beginning. Because I don't want to go out with a long, undone to-do list, I'm doing things these days I always wanted to do but hadn't made time for.
Join me. Hear from inspiring people who aren't letting grass grow under their feet no matter their age, who have found their passion and pursue it with all their hearts. And then go out and mark things off your to-do list.
Carpe diem! What have you got to lose?