Who is Kim Frank?

Upcoming: March 27th, writer, editor, mom, wife, and now, documentary filmmaker.

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Kim Frank's Doing It! This week I had the huge pleasure to talk with my friend, writer Kim Frank. Kim's an extremely inspirational woman. She walked me through her path to becoming an award-winning writer, an editor, and most recently, a voice for things she's passionate about. She's hard at work building her own new boat - a documentary about the human/elephant conflict in India very near the border with Nepal. You're going to love her. Here's a sneak peek. Don’t miss the podcast coming next week.

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A friend once told me, "Teri, you'll never meet anyone who doesn't know at least one thing you don't." It's true. Teri's Doing It! podcasts feature inspiring people from whom I've learned a lot. I hope the stories they tell do the same for you.
I'm a travel writer and podcaster who has realized that time is finite and I'm getting closer to the end than the beginning. Because I don't want to go out with a long, undone to-do list, I'm doing things these days I always wanted to do but hadn't made time for.
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