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I can't see a plane in the sky without wondering where it’s going and wishing I were on it (in business class not economy, of course, but then… I’m always in economy). Now, since we got our Nash 23d travel trailer, I wonder about every RV that passes by too. My husband, a retired instructor I call The Professor, says I’m never satisfied. Is that a bad thing?

I’ve been told that I’m adventurous, inspiring, compassionate, strong, authentic, and a bunch of other things I just won’t mention. But you decide. I’m retired too and I’m a long ways from dead. Always curious, sometimes brave, compassionate, and people are always telling me, tall, I’m an extrovert until I’m not.

We’ve got much-loved kids, grand kids, and children-by-choice scattered around the world. We live in Idaho with our two dogs, Tex and Kota. Me? I enjoy good food, fine wines, time with close friends, and love to laugh and hate to cry. I’m living large, want you to do the same, and can’t wait to tell you stories!

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No matter how I get there, I’m seizing opportunities to do things that I’d regret not having done at the end of my life. I have this It’s Not Too Late list that I’m working through. How about you?

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I'm retired, not dead, and doing things I always wanted to but hadn't made time for. Encouraging you to do likewise. Check out my FREE newsletter and video podcast! Listen to stories and podcasts with cool guests! What have you got to lose? Carpe diem!


I travel, I write, I have a podcast where you can be inspired - via the stories of some very interesting people - to Do It! yourself. Join me. Carpe diem!