So beautiful! Gosh this made me grin so big!! Thank you of dreaming this!!

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Oct 12, 2023Liked by Teri's Doing It!

This is wonderful, Teri. I’d love to join you - and Jennifer. I also (still) want to write that book and to run retreats from my own smallholding. I was beginning to let go of those dreams. Not consciously. Just feeling they were ever further out of reach.

Being here on Substack, choosing to be present, to keep writing, keep publishing, even when my gremlins are screaming at me to stop, is a big small step for me. I’d like to keep doing it.

Also, I thought I’d already subscribed to your Substack but hadn’t. Putting that right, right now. I’m very pleased to be sharing this journey with you. x

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Thanks! Good for you, Miranda!!! Sounds like we're in it together. Welcome!

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