And Godspeed on your book.

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Jun 9, 2023·edited Jun 10, 2023Author

I'm writing about that church (and others) now but it's for a book, Katie. You'll just have to wait. :) I agree about narcissists and our mean culture. I don't agree that we have to keep going there - but we do have to be serious about the practice of our faith and in seeking out others like ourselves.. And I agree that the church is dying. Long live the ecclesia!

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That’s a good question. What is your experience of a mean church?

I also think the pastorate attracts narcissists who can set up those toxic groups.

Also does the Narrative about the church highlight how mean it is but doesn’t say much about the quiet congregations?

I think the church in America is dying and may need to die. That something new is rising.

We keep going because it’s the only place we can get the body and blood which changes us on the cellular level. There’s a discipline in taking communion with those difficult people in that community.

Finally we live in a mean culture. Outrage permeates and unfortunately church folks catch that wave and do their own version of outrage.

We’ve forgotten how to die before we die...

Well those are my thoughts. So glad you are having a fruitful and restful time.

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