This Is What It Means To Have Roots In Africa

Teri's Doing It! Podcast, Ep 1, Dec. 27, 2023

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In the first episode of her new podcast Teri’s Doing It!, Teri talks to Cedric Nwafor, the CEO of Roots Africa. They delve into Cedric's campaign to eradicate hunger and poverty across Africa with a focus on nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering local communities of change makers. This, along with what Teri discovered in a small village in the Kamuli District, serves as the platform for their conversation, emphasizing the power of leveraging local resources for sustainable living.

Their conversation takes a personal turn as they discuss her recent trip to Uganda with Cedric and his Roots Africa team in 2023. Teri shares her observations, having revisited Uganda for the first time since she lived there as a small child. Witnessing the changes that have occurred since then was eye-opening and deeply transformative for her.

Their journey sparked an inspiring initiative— the Goats For Kamuli Kids program aimed at nurturing a source of ongoing funding to sponsor education for children there. It encapsulates the spirit of Roots Africa’s mission.

Join Teri and Cedric to learn about the trip, the Goats for Kamuli Kids initiative and the deeply heartfelt experiences they had there — it's an intriguing conversation that shouldn't be missed!

Donate to Goats for Kamuli Kids

Teri's Doing It!
Teri's Doing It! Podcast
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